Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a world without plastic pollution.
This will require nothing short of deep mindset and behavioural change incorporating
comprehensive and sustained action from all quarters; INDIVIDUALS, COMMUNITIES,

All of this must be underpinned by EDUCATION. People will not change unless they are
emotionally invested which can be brought about by creative education providing the
WHAT, WHY & HOW along with a sense of urgency.

The motivation and impetus generated by education can be cultivated into positive action through inspirational, intelligent, and innovative programs and projects leading to new mindsets, behaviors and systems – a cultural shift!

This is already happening at a micro-level in schools and communities in many parts of Australia and abroad and we have seen a host of small and large businesses recognising their role in the solution.

Many local councils have been leading by creating policy and by-laws to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic and encourage better waste management practice during local events and in council-owned venues.

This positive action at a community level can be supported, accelerated and expanded with help from state and federal governments. Through the right kind of education and collaborative action between all sectors, there is a clear pathway to a planet free of plastic pollution.

About Anthony Hill

Founder of Plastic Pollution Solutions

Growing up in the Australian beachside town of Coffs Harbour, Anthony has fond childhood memories of surfing, sailing, and snorkeling with friends and family.
As an adult, Anthony treasures his moments in the  “salty blue” both above and below the surface confessing a deep connection, fascination and respect for the ocean.

Whilst living in Norway, Anthony discovered plastic floating in the seemingly pristine fjords in 2010, and upon learning about the global problem of plastic pollution, he gathered some mates, formed a clean-up group, and began holding events and raising awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution on our environment.

In 2013, Anthony attended a seminar and workshop in Norway held by Dr. Marcus Eriksen of The 5 Gyres Institute (USA), who has been researching and documenting ocean plastic pollution for nearly two decades. Marcus emphasised that EDUCATION was paramount in our efforts to address this global issue and that we need to find creative ways to bring about a deep understanding of the causes, impacts and solutions to plastic pollution at the population level.

In 2014, Anthony returned to his homeland and Plastic Pollution Solutions was founded ultimately aiming to
create a shift in culture around single-use plastic and waste.

Plastic Pollution Solutions has covered over 150,000 km, partnered with countless
community groups and councils, forged associations with key scientists and held over
1000 educational events and activities for tens of thousands of people.


The Aboriginal People of Australia

We would like to acknowledge the original custodians of the land on which we live and work and pay our respects to elders past and present. We are incredibly grateful to the Aboriginal people who for cared for this country for over 60,000 years inspiring us to follow the same path.

We admire and respect their continuing connection to land, water and community and recognise the strength, resilience, capacity and integrity of the Aboriginal people and the contribution they make to our country and the common wealth.

If you would like to connect and learn more about Australian Aboriginal culture, we can highly recommend Yarn Australia.

LeAnn Hanson

(B. Teach, M. Education)

The Plastic Pollution Solutions Education Program has evolved from a wondrous, spontaneous and organic collaboration between countless people from all over Australia and other countries. People of all ages, backgrounds, capacities and professions who have
freely and generously given their input, advice and time to contribute to this uniquely comprehensive and powerful educational tool which has been tried and tested with great acclaim in countless schools and communities both here and overseas.

One person stands out in this respect, a person who we met in 2015 and who has now become a very close friend. LeAnn is an incredibly gifted school teacher, a warm and generous person who cares deeply about her students, their education and the world that they are growing into. LeAnn was immediately onboard with our program and made sure that, not only her school but countless schools in her region participated via her teacher network.

In addition, LeAnn has spent untold hours helping us align our program with curriculum and syllabus priorities, creating follow-up activities, making it more appetizing for both teachers and students, and more effective via invaluable pedagogical mechanisms.

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