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Plastic pollution is a global problem caused by our collective culture.
The negative repercussions are not limited to the environment, wildlife and humans, but can also severely impact businesses small and large, directly and indirectly.

All businesses from sole traders to multinational corporations can have a role to play in addressing this issue.

Inspiration & Action

We offer a range of creative educational events and activities which can serve to galvanise and inspire your co-workers and management in a united effort creating measurable outcomes and leading to actual, positive change.

  • Educational presentations
  • Community Cleanup (including citizen science)
  • Waste Audit
  • Plastic Audit
  • Film screening
  • Social trivia night with an environmental theme
  • Ongoing consultation

Many of our presentations, activities and events can also be carried out over online platforms like Zoom.

Businesses are People

When we consider the business sector and its role in the collective solution to plastic pollution, it is important to keep in mind that, although business is an entity in its own right, it is usually owned, run by, and employs PEOPLE. People with families who live and play in the community and who may have a level of concern about the issue of plastic pollution but are unsure of how to voice their concerns or how to learn more about the problem and potential solutions.

It is also important to consider that these people derive their livelihood and sustain themselves (and their families) through these businesses which deliver goods and services, many of which may be essential, to the community.

Information & Guidance

Often the biggest barrier to taking action on an issue like plastic pollution can be a lack of understanding about the problem and access to the right information, education, guidance, and solutions.

When Plastic Pollution Solutions consults with businesses, we emphasise the importance of “having your house in order” ie; walking your talk – in-house – as well as engaging in potential systems and procedure changes and plastic-free initiatives via the front end.


Something we can all begin to do is to have conversations at our workplace. Conversations open a portal from where ideas can spring. Ideas lead to innovation and action which can nurture a real sense of community amongst your colleagues and cause a ripple effect far beyond the workplace.

Education & Action

No matter the size or nature of your business, we would love to have a conversation about how we can help you and your colleagues begin to align your workplace on a pathway towards a planet free of plastic pollution.

Plastic Pollution Solutions came to our Brisbane office and delivered a very thought provoking presentation about the level of plastic in our environment and our oceans. While many of us are aware of the problem, at least to some degree, Anthony’s ability gave us some practical steps we can take to reduce our plastic footprint at an individual level meant we ended on an optimistic note and we have had great feedback from staff.

Michael Hillier, Chairman, KPMG Brisbane

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