Community Education

Available “in-person” and online.

Education does not necessarily need to happen in a school setting nor involve people known officially as students!

The primary objective of our community educational events is to cause people to join the dots and to deeply understand WHY we need to make fundamental changes to the way we operate individually and collectively.

There are infinite ways we can educate members of our society and the more creative we can be and the more variety we can bring forth – the more effective the education will be.

Plastic Pollution Solutions has traveled Australia, partnering with local councils, schools, community groups and organisations carrying out an array of educational events designed to ENGAGE our communities on the issues of plastic pollution and waste.

Following is a list of the different types of events that we can facilitate or co-host with you and our partner organisations.

Many of our presentations, activities and events can also be carried out over online platforms like Zoom.

Film Screenings

A film screening combined with a Q & A discussion panel is a fantastic way to effectively bring awareness, education and inspire your community to be a part of the solution to plastic pollution. We can facilitate a film screening by holding a pre-film talk and conducting a Q & A after. We can also run a MINI FILM FESTIVAL style event which involves a series of very short films chosen for your expected audience.

At these events, we will have set up a display table of solutions and tips for people to reduce their plastic consumption. We can also invite relevant local people/officials to be part of the discussion panel. Please contact us for a list of recommended films and to discuss which film will best suit your expected audience

Trivia Nights

This can be an evening of “edu-tainment” for your friends and colleagues or for the whole family; children, parents, and grandparents! Anthony Hill has been a professional quizmaster for over 20 years on TV, radio and for live audiences of up to 1000 people and knows just how to build a fun and inclusive evening of “not so serious” competition and environmental awareness. Our trivia nights usually have two to three rounds of marine-themed general knowledge questions but will also include various educational elements. Our trivia nights can also be used as a fundraiser for your organisation or club.

Community Presentations & Talks

Plastic Pollution Solutions have held a variety of short talks, presentations, and workshops in a variety of different settings and locations for a range of different community groups, clubs, and organizations around Australia and abroad. We also hold comprehensive courses, seminars, and training workshops that can be tailored to your requirements and budget. Click here for more info about our courses,  seminars, workshops.

Hosting/MC-ing Community events

With 30 years of experience in a range of public speaking events, we can stage-host or MC your community event. This can include holding short talks, pop-trivia, interview guest speakers, and run Q & A sessions. Events where we regularly host stages or MC include:

  • Manly Ocean Care Festival
  • Boomerang Bags regional and state “Gatherings”
  • Environmental Expo’s
  • Seaside Scavenge
  • Eco Festivals
  • Summerama

Captain Plastic

For family and children’s events

Captain Plastic’s mission is to save planet Earth from his arch-enemies, the evil sisters, Poly, Ethel & Eilene who destroyed his planet. He magically appears at events telling human children his story and how they can prevent the same thing happening on beautiful planet Earth. Captain Plastic is a multifaceted “edutainment” specialist – he can host the stage, introduce and interview other guests, hold interactive children’s activities, and more!

Community Clean-up Events

This is also an exercise in citizen science! We can take your community group to a local beach, river, park or litter hotspot and carry out a guided clean-up operation. Participants will then be taken through the process of sorting and counting the debris and logging the data onto the National Marine Debris Database run by the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. We can also hold an AUSMAP Micro Plastic Assessment activity.

Seaside Scavenge

Seaside Scavenge is a unique community clean-up event where litter becomes currency which can be traded for pre-loved clothing, books, toys and homewares in their onsite, pop-up shop. Add live tunes, competitions, some plastic-free living workshops, educational talks as well as a bunch of friendly folks and you have every ingredient for a sweet session with the SEASIDE SCAVENGE CREW!


AUSMAP Community
Micro Plastic Survey

Plastic Pollution Solutions is an accredited AUSMAP facilitator and can help you engage in real citizen science! Working with the AUSMAP field equipment and methods allows the opportunity for citizens to be engaged in scientific research around your local environment which provides reliable and valuable data. By mapping hotspots around Australia over time, areas of concern can be identified, that can assist with management. Read more about AUSMAP here.

Boomerang Bags Gatherings

Founded on the Gold Coast, Queensland, and now embraced by communities around Australia and the world, Boomerang Bags is a grassroots movement connecting and empowering communities to tackle plastic pollution at its source.

Boomerang Bags & Plastic Pollution Solutions collaborate to hold regional and state “Gatherings” events which aim to connect local Boomerang Bags groups with each other and support them in maintaining the health and wellbeing of their members and the wider community. For more info on Gatherings, please contact Boomerang Bags via their website.

I have had SO much fabulous feedback from teachers, kids, parents and community groups over the past two weeks about the Plastic Pollution Solutions visit. There have been some great outcomes already... I cannot thank you enough. Here's hoping that this is just the start of bigger things to come for our region. Can't wait to see us on the map for being leaders in protecting our oceans.

Monica Mudge - Take 3, Shoalhaven, NSW

Plastic Pollution Solutions carried out a total of six presentations at primary and high schools across the shire and two Family Trivia Nights where attendance of over 250 people broke his larger town trivia night records." ...the school presentations sparked the younger generation to get active" "Mr Hill was very keen to show our community the solutions available and help initiate plastic free projects.

Jordan Crugnale MP, Member for Bass, Victoria

Anthony from Plastic Pollution Solutions has been the official MC at countless Seaside Scavenge events over the last 5 years. He is instrumental in engaging passers-by to participate in the Scavenge activities, hosting educational talks and trivia for all ages in between the music performances and holding the stage for interviews of guests and dignitaries. Over the past 5 years, Anthony has rallied many a new Scavenger to clean-up, understand the bigger picture of what they're doing and empowering these individuals to realise that their voice and actions matter to make a difference. Anthony is a welcomed addition to all our Scavenges

AJ Linke, Founder, Seaside Scavenge, Sydney, NSW

We’ve retained Anthony from Plastic Pollution Solutions as MC for our nationwide community Boomerang Bags Gathering events, a role where we feel he is most suited and capable. Our Gatherings evolve with the changing times and Anthony’s investment to understand our needs is a direct result of the success of these Gatherings. With Anthony’s experience and professionalism, he is able to manage the crowd with respect and humility to which we are very grateful. His understanding of our ethos and core values results in timely and appropriate management of discussion and we all feel loved and heard because of his dedication to care for us all. Anthony is integral to the success of these Gatherings and we look forward to working with Plastic Pollution Solutions for many years to come.

Tania Potts, Co-founder, Boomerang Bags, Gold Coast, Qld

Anthony's community presentation MY PLASTIC JOURNEY was informative, thought-provoking and inspiring. Sometimes trying to make a difference with environmental issues can seem overwhelming but Anthony gave hope for what can be done by individuals and small groups towards decreasing our use of plastics. An entertaining evening focused on a really worthwhile topic. Great for our adult audience at the monthly discussion group but equally suitable for school groups too.

Barbara Birkett - MC of the Apollo Bay Discussion Group, Victoria

Thank you for the wonderful presentation and trivia night that you recently held with us. We had an excellent response and every attendee had a most enjoyable time. It proved to be well accepted by the senior people for whom the village caters. The message you presented regarding plastic pollution was certainly enlightening and it certainly opened our eyes to the hazards caused by uncontrolled disposal of these materials.

Bill Squires - Activities Chairman, Willandra Retirement Village, Sydney, NSW

I was at Pambula Beach Caravan Park over January and I just wanted to share with you the impact your message at the the trivia night had on my 16yo. She just posted this on her FB page": Walked home from work today and realised just how dirty the world must be. I picked up close to 3 armfuls of plastic and rubbish and McDonalds things and put them in the bins that are about 10 steps away from where the rubbish was dumped...

Catherine, (A proud mum)

Thank you for bringing the Bag it film and all your ideas to Qi Yoga. You obviously work so hard and are committed totally to raising awareness about the ridiculous amount of disposable plastic we use! I will carry on talking about it to people in the way you recommended - being positive not negative, and that we can make a difference! Keep up your amazing work and just know you are making a huge difference!

Juliette Sellis - Sydney resident

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