Early Learning

Plastic Pollution Solutions offers two different educational activities for preschool students. We can also connect you with other education providers in this space consult with your center on how it can follow up on the education through various hands-on activities such as;

  • Beeswax Wraps
  • Boomerang Bags
  • Re-purposing your plastic
  • Recycling education

Technical equipment

We will require the school to supply one of the following options. Please liaise closely with us as it is vital that ALL students can see and hear the presentation adequately.

  • Projector/screen & PA system (and microphone if more than 50 students)
  • Or IWB with adequate audio
  • Or Large TV Screen with HDMI input and with
    adequate audio.

Introduction To Plastic Pollution

Duration: 60 minutes.

Our highly engaging and interactive session educates and engages students on the plastic pollution issue, its impact on our environment and human health. It emphasises the importance of reducing our use of disposable plastic as well as litter control. Our PowerPoint presentation takes into account the three learning styles; Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic.

We encourage verbal repetition and include a “song, dance and action” to Jack Johnson’s popular children’s song, “Reduce, Re-use Recycle”. Our presentation will help your service meet Quality Area 3.3 of the National Quality Standard: “embedding sustainable practices into your everyday program and operations”. It will help children to meet the Early Learning Years outcome 2, “allowing children to become socially responsible and show respect for the environment.”

Bev The Campervan

This session will begin with a story-style and very visual PowerPoint presentation which educates and engages students on the plastic pollution issue, its impact on our environment, and human health.

The session will then continue outside around Bev, the colorful campervan. Bev has been masterfully hand-painted with a purposeful design depicting a beautiful underwater scene and how it can be impacted by plastic pollution. We ask students to find and identify the various sea creatures and plastic items on the van and discuss how they can be affected.

The content of your presentation was very informative and entertaining! It was great to see how you kept such a large group of three, four and five year olds so engaged throughout. I was most impressed when, the following day, children shared information they had learnt from the presentation while playing with a collection of sea creatures in our room. This demonstrated that children were transferring their knowledge from one situation to another. I am confident that this presentation will have a positive impact on our preschool community.

Alison Bowe - Teacher, Bomaderry Community Preschool, NSW

The Plastic Pollution Solutions presentation for the 2-5 year old Preschool group was amazing. He delivered a visual and hands on presentation, very much on the children’s level of learning and held their interest for the entire presentation!!!! The children’s responses sum up their learning- Alex said “Plastic bags look like jellyfish” Felix added “If the fish eat plastic they will die” .

Margy Reed - Ulladulla Childrens Centre, NSW

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