The world is waking up to the growing plague of plastic in our environment, its impacts
and the realisation that we must move away from the “disposable” culture which has
become prevalent.

To achieve a world without plastic pollution will require nothing short of deep mindset
and behavioural change incorporating comprehensive and sustained action from all

This must be underpinned by EDUCATION

We have a wide range of educational presentations activities and events for all sectors of the community. 

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“It has been a really positive school environment since Anthony visited. I have witnessed the impact he has made on our students and the changes they've been making in their own lives. The changes are being led by the students and it is giving them a sense of responsibility and ownership. For our school leaders it is an opportunity for them to show initiative and be role models for the rest of the school…” Rhiannon Sibson, Merrimac State School, Qld Click here to find out more about the Plastic Pollution Solutions School Curriculum


"I have had SO much fabulous feedback from teachers, kids, parents and community groups over the past two weeks about your visit. There have been some great outcomes already. I cannot thank you enough. Here's hoping that this is just the start of bigger things to come for our region. Can't wait to see us on the map for being leaders in protecting our oceans.” Monica Mudge, Take 3 Shoalhaven, NSW Click here to find out more about how Plastic Pollution Solutions can help you bring about positive change in your community.


Click here to find out more about how your local, state or federal government department can play its role in the collective solution to plastic pollution.


“Anthony came to our Brisbane office and delivered a very thought provoking presentation about the level of plastic in our environment and our oceans. While many of us are aware of the problem, at least to some degree, Anthony’s ability give us some practical steps we can take to reduce our plastic footprint at an individual level meant we ended on an optimistic note and we have had great feedback from staff.” Michael Hillier, Chairman, KPMG Brisbane Click here to find out more about how Plastic Pollution Solutions can help you shift the culture around plastic pollution and waste at your workplace.


People will not change unless they are emotionally invested which can be brought about by creative education providing the WHAT, WHY & HOW along with a sense of urgency.

The motivation and impetus generated by education can be cultivated into positive action through inspirational, intelligent and innovative programs and projects leading to new mindsets, behaviors, and systems – a cultural shift!

This is already happening at a micro-level in schools and communities in many parts of Australia and abroad and we have seen a host of small and large businesses recognising their role in the solution.

Many local councils have been leading by creating policy and by-laws to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic and encourage better waste management practice
during local events and in council-owned venues.

This positive action at a community level can be supported, accelerated and expanded
with help from state and federal governments.

Through the right kind of education leading to a shift in mindset and collaborative action
between all sectors, there is a clear pathway to a planet free of plastic pollution.

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