From our on-ground work in communities around Australia,
we have witnessed the passion for
a plastic pollution-free environment drive our citizens to embrace this growing movement and to BE
the change.

Increasingly, businesses are recognising their role in the solution, understanding the scale of the problem, and that customers are demanding change.

Local government, on the frontline in many regions, has been leading by creating policy and by-laws to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic, providing education, supporting action by community groups, and encouraging better waste management practice during local events and in council-owned venues. But there is only so much they can do to reduce plastic pollution at the source.

There is also a growing element of urgency about this issue which needs to be deeply understood and occupy a level of priority in our collective discussion moving forward.

There are over 150 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans today which is increasing by more than 8 million tonnes per year. Most of that plastic will slowly break up into micro and nanoparticles, making it virtually impossible to retrieve and becoming even more dangerous to the environment, wildlife and humans

With an understanding of the urgency of the problem, this positive action at a community level can be greatly supported, accelerated and expanded with comprehensive and decisive action from state and federal governments.

This can happen through legislation to quickly phase out the most problematic single-use plastic items while moving our country to a TRUE CIRCULAR ECONOMY.

All government departments and agencies could also lead by “being the change” starting with in-house systems, procedures, behaviors, and practices and including all employees and contractors.

Plastic Pollution Solutions can help you with this process through a considered plan of educational events and activities leading to new behaviors and procedures and connecting you with other service providers in this space.

We are proud to have partnered with countless local government departments in Queensland, NSW, Victoria
and Tasmania for over five years.

We are keen to have a conversation, no matter which level of government you work in, to assist, advise, or provide ongoing education and consultancy.

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We can facilitate and coordinate a range of creative events
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to bring positive and lasting change!