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The Plastic Pollution Solutions presentations emphasise the importance of EDUCATING OTHERS and that we can begin by having conversations with family members about the issue and the solutions. Often, students will be very eager to begin making changes and taking action and it’s important that this is encouraged and supported by the family.

Your child may have taken the famous Plastic Ninja Pledge which has FOUR main premises:

  • Picking up plastic in our path – wherever we may be
  • Avoiding single-use plastic – whenever possible
  • Helping family remember their re-usable items
  • Having conversations about what they’ve learned – educating others

It’s vitally important that students, despite their age, know that it is within their power to be part of the solution. Some suggestions and ideas will have been discussed during the presentation such as:

  • Help mum & dad remember the re-usable bags before going shopping
  • When buying fruit and veg, try to buy the loose ones – not the bagged ones
  • Remember to fill and take lots of re-usable water bottles on family outings
  • Say “no straw and no lid please” when ordering a milkshake or smoothie

When planning our school events, there is always an option to hold a special event for parents which can take place during the day or evening. At these events, we invite local government and relevant community groups to speak about local programs, projects and initiatives around plastic pollution and waste and how families can be involved.

We also have a range of fun community events which we can hold in partnership with the school. Read more about these here.

There are unlimited ways that individuals and families can be involved in reducing plastic pollution but the best way is to go closest to the source by REDUCING YOUR CONSUMPTION OF SINGLE-USE, DISPOSABLE PLASTIC wherever possible. Start a FAMILY CHALLENGE to find alternatives to the usual disposable and/or packaged products, adopting them one-by-one, and sharing the information with friends and neighbours.

Download and print out our Plastic Reduction Tips pdf document (and maybe even one for the neighbours!) here and stick it on the fridge as a reminder.

I was at Pambula Beach Caravan Park over January and I just wanted to share with you the impact your message at the the trivia night had on my 16yo. She just posted this on her FB page": "Walked home from work today and realised just how dirty the world must be. I picked up close to 3 armfuls of plastic and rubbish and McDonalds things and put them in the bins that are about 10 steps away from where the rubbish was dumped...

Catherine, (A proud mum)

I have had SO much fabulous feedback from teachers, kids, parents and community groups over the past two weeks about the Plastic Pollution Solutions visit. There have been some great outcomes already... I cannot thank you enough. Here's hoping that this is just the start of bigger things to come for our region. Can't wait to see us on the map for being leaders in protecting our oceans.

Monica Mudge - Take 3, Shoalhaven, NSW

Anthony's community presentation MY PLASTIC JOURNEY was informative, thought-provoking and inspiring. Sometimes trying to make a difference with environmental issues can seem overwhelming but Anthony gave hope for what can be done by individuals and small groups towards decreasing our use of plastics. An entertaining evening focused on a really worthwhile topic. Great for our adult audience at the monthly discussion group but equally suitable for school groups too..

Barbara Birkett - MC of the Apollo Bay Discussion Group, Victoria

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