Primary School

This is a list and description of the introductory educational sessions available for the various Primary School year levels.

Following these presentations, students and staff are often quite motivated to learn more and to begin exploring ways to bring about positive change within their school.

We have created a range of Follow-up Activities designed to build upon this education providing another level of knowledge, understanding and empowerment. A key goal of these activities is for students to begin to plan and carry out one or more initiatives to reduce litter, single-use plastic and improve waste management practices.

Technical equipment

We will require the school to supply one of the following options. Please liaise closely with us as it is vital that ALL students can see and hear the presentation adequately.

  • Projector/screen & PA system (and microphone if more than 50 students)
  • Or IWB with adequate audio
  • Or Large TV Screen with HDMI input and with
    adequate audio.

Kindergarten/Prep to Year 2

Introduction To Plastic Pollution

Powerpoint Presentation

Duration: 60 – 70 minutes.

Our interactive, ‘story-style” session educates students about the global problem of plastic pollution, its impact on our environment, wildlife and humans. It emphasises the importance of reducing our use of disposable plastic as well as litter control. Our PowerPoint presentation takes into account the three learning styles; Audio, Visual & Kinesthetic.

It includes images, video, facts, encourages verbal repetition and include a “song, dance and action” to Jack Johnson’s popular children’s song, “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”. The session concludes with a Q & A discussion ensuring that students will understand how their actions and choices can contribute to positive change. This discussion can be extended after a recess break where we can plan one or more initiatives to be run by students and staff. If there is time, students can also complete a written pledge (the template can be supplied in advance).

Bev The Campervan

Duration: 45 minutes.

This session will begin with a story-style and very visual powerpoint presentation which educates and engages students on the plastic pollution issue, its impact on our environment and human health.

The session will then continue outside around Bev, the colourful campervan. Bev has been masterfully hand-painted with a purposeful design depicting a beautiful underwater scene and how it can be impacted by plastic pollution. We ask students to find and identify the various sea creatures and plastic items on the van and discuss how they can be affected. We have created various activities/competitions that classes can participate in. This can also be a “stand-alone” teaching tool run by the teachers themselves while we are presenting to other classes.

Years 3 to 6

Introduction To Plastic Pollution

Powerpoint Presentation

Duration: 90 – 110 minutes

Our “story-style” interactive presentation will educate students about the global problem of plastic pollution, the scale, causes and its impact on our environment, wildlife and human health. It includes powerful images, video, facts and encourages interaction. We demonstrate how simple actions both individually and collectively can make a big difference and cause a ripple effect. We emphasise the importance of reducing or eliminating our use of disposable plastic as well as litter control and intelligent waste management. Practical solutions are offered and schools are given access to a range of ongoing projects and initiatives. The session also includes a Q & A discussion.

Fun & movement!
The students will definitely not be sitting for the entire session! Since we are dealing with a pretty serious issue, we feel that it’s important to lighten the atmosphere with some fun activities like:

  • Stretch & Floss break
  • Boomerang Bags Fashion Parade
  • Ocean Trivia Round
  • The Plastic Ninja Pledge

Conscious Consumption

Powerpoint Presentation

Duration: Approximately 60 to 70 minutes

This presentation re-caps the previous presentation and draws attention to unnecessary packaging, over-packaging, “invisible” packaging in supply chains in addition to planned and perceived obsolescence. We show students how they can reduce waste and plastic pollution through consumer awareness, daily choices in addition to creative projects and initiatives. This session concludes with a Q & A discussion.

Click here to read about our Follow-up Activities

It has been a really positive school environment since Plastic Pollution Solutions visited. I have witnessed the impact made on our students and the changes they've been making in their own lives. The litter audit was extremely beneficial because we were able to identify the problem and work towards finding a solution within our school. The changes are being led by the students and it is giving them a sense of responsibility and ownership. For our school leaders it is an opportunity for them to show initiative and be role models for the rest of the school.

Rhiannon Sibson - Merrimac State School, Qld

Having Plastic Pollution Solutions come and visit our beachside school to talk to students across K-6 was one of the most engaging and authentic learning activities I've been involved with as a Teacher Librarian. Anthony's relaxed style, highly relevant content, ability to differentiate activities, extensive scientific knowledge, and passion for the ocean all added up to a very successful and memorable experience for our students. I would recommend Plastic Pollution Solutions for any teacher or educator who wants to ignite a love of learning and inquiry in their school.

Lucy Robertson - Teacher Librarian, Culburra Public School, NSW

Thank you so much for coming to Bright P-12 College!!! You have inspired my friends and I so much! Right now we are doing a powerpoint presentation. My friends and I have come up with a little social enterprise called 'Zero Plastic'. We really care about our environment and I someday hope to be just like you!!!!

Andeline (Year 5 student) Bright P-12 College Vic.

...Anthony targeted each presentation to the students’ levels and also taught the teachers a few was wonderful to see on the day after the workshops, our students cleaning up the streets on their way to school. The next day more students joined them and this has continued to grow and be a regular occurrence. What an impact!

Rowena Seirant - St Georges Basin Public School NSW

The Plastic Pollution Solutions presentation for schools is ultra-informative and full of great insights into human behavior and our effect on the ocean environment. His quest to inform students of the problem with plastic is well researched and supported by excellent photographs and stories about the environment. His interaction with students and great presentation skill really makes learning fun for all. .

LeAnn Hanson, Educator (BTeach, M.Education), Nowra, NSW

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Anthony. What an excellent presentation! The message was clear, the presentation was engaging and supported by an excellent PowerPoint and hands on resources. You related well and had a lovely manner with our students. The trivia quiz had the class excited and recalling the facts they had just learned.

Carol Roberts - Teacher, Paynesville Primary School, Vic.

Fantastic presentation Anthony, Years 3 & 4 were spellbound - no mean feat to capture over 200 students! Thank you for coming to our school and 'having a conversation' with the students about the devastating problem with plastic pollution, the effect it is having on our ocean and what we can do locally to help globally! Your PowerPoint presentation full of powerful images and research data really hit home. Students were picking up playground rubbish of their own accord at lunchtime and are keen to belong to our schools Plastic Patrol initiative.

Kimberly Davies - Teacher - Ulladulla Public School, NSW

The presentation was engaging and the students found the images and information very relevant to their own lives. This was a wonderful way to start the children thinking about the ocean and their responsibilities and gives us a perfect lead into our Marine life theme for this term." Some quotes from the students: “I loved your presentation because it is teaching us all about the ocean and not to litter” Mia J. Grade 3 “The presentation was really exciting and interesting because there were some funny and really cool videos but whilst that was happening we, my class and I, were also getting educated” Leigh M. Grade 4

Megan Sage - Teacher, Newmerella Primary School, Vic.

(I wanted to) let you know how much we appreciated you coming to school and helping to coach the girls in their presentation earlier in the year on plastic pollution. The girls did present it to the whole school as a power point. I was so proud of them as they overcame a lot of shyness and nerves, but the great thing was that they inspired the other students to have a competition to reduce their plastic in school lunchboxes. Our School won the Learning for Life award for the region this year and we have submitted again for 2016.

Elisabeth Ison - Teacher, Sunshine Bay Primary School, NSW

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