Plastic Pollution Educator Course

Our Educator Course has evolved over 10 years from working with
schools, community groups, businesses, and local government.

Our aim is to provide
course participants with:

  • Knowledge, skills and resources to create and carry out their own educational sessions.
  • A forum to discuss the “big picture” and the underlying causes of plastic pollution.
  • Training, tips and advice on effective presentation.
  • How to follow up and support your education by facilitating creative, practical and fun projects and initiatives designed to shift mindsets, systems and culture.

Over the course period, there will be in-depth discussion
and workshops examining these topics and more:

Knowledge base.
The latest and most credible research and information about plastic pollution and our
objectives as educators.

The Presentation.
How to create and perform an engaging presentation including public speaking coaching
and instruction on how to build your Powerpoint presentation for maximum effect.

Running a Q & A.
Running a Q & A session is not only about answering questions but how to stimulate
further enquiry, to facilitate discussion and spur critical and creative thinking leading
to action.

Follow-up Presentations and Activities.
Participants learn how to follow up their introductory presentations with a range of
outcomes-focused events and activities leading to the creation of ongoing projects
and initiatives.

Facilitating On-going Projects and Initiatives.
We will discuss a range of ongoing initiatives targeting routines, procedures, and
behaviors with the aim of shifting culture around single-use plastic and waste.

We will also cover other
practical issues like:

  • How to plan your events and activities
  • The equipment you will require
  • Collaborating with others
  • Remuneration
  • Following up after your event

This will be a rare opportunity to draw from the accumulated knowledge and experience of the founder of Plastic Pollution Solutions, Anthony Hill, a passionate plastic pollution advocate and educator who has worked with this issue in communities around Australia and
abroad for over 10 years.

There will also be valuable moments to connect and share ideas, experiences and knowledge with other passionate, dedicated, and like-minded individuals.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in one of our course dates or if you’d like us to hold the course
in your region.

Feedback from past participants

The Plastic Pollution Solutions Educator course is one of the best professional development courses of its kind. It fills a huge gap in education helping us support students who are keen to address plastic pollution and waste in their school and community. In addition to the instructional side, we learned a range of creative, hands-on initiatives and projects with multiple links to the Australian Curriculum. I'm really looking forward to sharing ideas and resources on the Educator Network too!

LeAnn Hanson, B.Teach, M. Education, Nowra NSW

For me, the Plastic Pollution Educator Course brought the right balance of positivity and confidence to support my journey as a plastic pollution educator. The content is full of ingenious ideas of how to engage with an audience, activities, tools, credibly sourced facts and professional advice based on many years of Anthony’s experience and an inspiring journey. The 3-day course gives a solid foundation for anyone who wishes to become a voice for cleaner oceans.

Mahi Paquette, PhD student and COO, Seabin Foundation, Byron Bay NSW

Wow! The Educator course was amazing. Not only was the course content and delivery exceptional and highly engaging, but all of the people that Anthony attracted to the 3-day-course were so inspiring! This course is a must for anyone interested in leading a more impactful, community-focused, and meaningful life! Anthony is inspiring, humbling, and bursting with both passion and knowledge! His delivery skills are excellent (and make me wish more of my Uni professors carried themselves the same way).There’s never been a more critical time to step up and lead your community (however big or small) away from plastic pollution. This course will set you up to do just that.

Jordan Rowand, Bachelor of Global Studies & Sustainability, Convener of AYCC Gold Coast

The Plastic Pollution Solutions Educator Course is a highly engaging course that empowers participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to create positive change in their communities. Over Anthony’s long career he has developed a range of presentation techniques to engage students and adults of all ages. In this course you will learn the practical techniques that Anthony has developed to engage and empower your audience to make positive changes in their school, home and community to reduce plastic pollution. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to empower the next generation on the issue of plastic pollution and inspire others to live more sustainably.

Mitch Longhurst: Co-founder Plastic Free Coolangatta

After attending the Plastic Pollution Educator course I felt significantly more well equipped to start my own career in waste reduction education. I also gained amazing links within a community of like- minded people. Anthony’s passion for the planet is infectious and left me feeling very inspired

AJ Gough, Plastic Free Northern Beaches, Sydney

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