Tertiary Students

Plastic Pollution Solutions has worked with staff and students within the TAFE and University education system on many occasions.

We feel it is crucial to provide this education to young adults as they prepare to begin their career and the next stage
in their lives so that they can make more conscious and responsible choices as
world citizens.

There are many options available to Tertiary Education staff and students who wish to raise awareness and educate classmates and colleagues on the issue of plastic pollution. These can take the form of daytime academic presentations which can link or complement subjects being studied. We can also facilitate more casual and social evening educational events which are often arranged by student environmental groups.

Presentations, Courses,
and Workshops

These sessions are designed to advance the skills and knowledge of those who are passionate about addressing plastic pollution and bringing about real change through educating others. There is a growing demand for paid educators in this space and our training can definitely lead to vocational opportunities

  • The Solution To Plastic Pollution – a series of presentations/workshops for all audiences ranging from 1 to 2 hours, half-day, and full-day tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Waste Audits and Litter Audits – a one-day course on how to carry out these activities for schools, businesses, and other institutions.
  • Plastic Pollution Educator Course – comprehensive three to four-day training providing the foundation for participants to carry out a series of educational sessions for school students and community members. This can lead to paid work! Learn More about our Courses & Workshops.

Film Screenings

A film screening combined with a Q & A discussion panel is a fantastic way to effectively bring awareness, education and to inspire your fellow students to be a part of the solution to plastic pollution. We can facilitate a film screening by holding a pre-film talk and conducting a Q & A after. We can also run a MINI FILM FESTIVAL style event which involves a series of very short films chosen for your expected audience.

At these events, we will have set up a display table of solutions and tips for people to reduce their plastic consumption. We can also invite relevant local people/officials to be part of the discussion panel. Please contact us for a list of recommended films and to discuss which film will best suit your expected audience.

Trivia Nights

This can be an evening of “edu-tainment” for your fellow students and staff as well as all your mates! Anthony Hill has been a professional quizmaster for over 20 years on TV, radio and for live audiences of up to 1000 people and knows just how to build a fun and inclusive evening of “not so serious” competition and environmental awareness. Our trivia nights usually have two to three rounds of marine-themed general knowledge questions but will also include various educational elements. Our trivia nights can also be used as a fundraiser for your organisation or club.

For me, the Plastic Pollution Educator Course brought the right balance of positivity and confidence to support my journey as a plastic pollution educator. The content is full of ingenious ideas of how to engage with an audience, activities, tools, credibly sourced facts and professional advice based on many years of Anthony’s experience and an inspiring journey. The 3-day course gives a solid foundation for anyone who wishes to become a voice for cleaner oceans.

Mahi Paquette, PhD student and COO, Seabin Foundation, Byron Bay NSW

Wow! The Educator course was amazing. Not only was the course content and delivery exceptional and highly engaging, but all of the people that Anthony attracted to the 3-day-course were so inspiring! This course is a must for anyone interested in leading a more impactful, community-focused, and meaningful life! Anthony is inspiring, humbling, and bursting with both passion and knowledge! His delivery skills are excellent (and make me wish more of my Uni professors carried themselves the same way).There’s never been a more critical time to step up and lead your community (however big or small) away from plastic pollution. This course will set you up to do just that.

Jordan Rowand, Bachelor of Global Studies & Sustainability, Convener of AYCC Gold Coast

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